Sunday, November 28, 2010

Time For a Post? :)

I suppose it's about time for a post, perhaps? Lol. Wow, the xc season I mentioned in the last post has already gone. It was a FANTASTIC season. Personally, I didn't run as I'd like, but our girl's team was GOOD!! Let me mention the top five AMAZING girls who won so many meet for us- Julie, Danielle, Catherine, Martha, Kendra. They were all super fast to begin with, and they improved dramatically. Girls, ya'll are amazing. Another thing, Leslie? Shanda? WAY TO GO, beginners at the head of the pack! I'm so proud of ya'll.
So what's happening now? I am about to run the St. Jude. I am very excited that Mrs. Heather is coming. Oh, after the race I will end my carbonated fast. I have not had one drink of carbonation since around the beginning of the season. I plan to drink a big coke after I run. :)
I am still crocheting, knitting a bit, sewing, trying to finish Christmas presents!! My closet is full of presents. My room overfloweth with yarn. Yarn in rolls, yarn in a sack, yarn crocheted into animals, yarn scraps, ect. Guess what is on my Christmas list? Yarn, actually. lol. I do use it up quickly.
So Tiny, here is a post for you. All you people who check my blog and are always watching for a post, this is for you. lol. I'll try and start blogging a little more.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Finally Posting...

Yes, I am finally posting, and I'm warning you that this is going to be a random post! Mac and Me-C, I am sorry for not helping you with the award on your blog. Cassia, I'm sorry for not mailing you any patterns! I just read ya'll's comments.

As most of you know, xc is over for the summer. Very sad. But it is also a good thing, because we are going to be very busy! I'm still crocheting/knitting a LOT. Right now I am working on Rhino the hamster from the movie Bolt. I love that movie. Does anyone need a pattern for anything? Go to It has tons of patterns for EVERYTHING. Toys, hats, jackets, blankets, dog clothes, scarfs, flowers, dishrags, ect. Oh, and it's all free. It can teach you any new stitch-even how to knit or crochet!

Yesterday Julie and I babysat for the first time. I mean, we babysat someone who was not our brother or sister. We babysat a six month old baby named Sarah. She was a BUTTERBALL, and the best baby you could ever ask to babysit. We took care of her for three hours and she did not cry once. Julie and I have had a lot of experience with babies (Leah and Sam) but the last baby was four years ago! When we first got Sarah we weren't sure what to do...I mean, what do you do with a happy baby who simply sucks on a pacifier and stares around? Lol. We read her books, changed her diaper three times-and checked it twice (Mama found this very funny), we rocked her while she took a nap, and bounced her. This is what we did to "bounce" her. One of us would hold her on our laps and bounce her while she jumped on her chubby little legs. The other would sit on the floor and bounce themselves to make Sarah laugh. All while singing, "Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy!" to a catchy little tune. Sarah loved it, and our arms got a workout! Babysitting job number one went well.

Alright, now I need to go help Mac and Me-C, and send Cassia some patterns. Good-bye till next time..would could be a while...:)

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Thank you for the award, Myriam! Here it is.

The rules for accepting this award are:
1. Post the award.
2. Thank and mention the person who gave you the award. Thank you again, Myriam. You are very creative. And I heard that you are doing the xc team? Hurray!
3. Pass the award on to seven bloggers whom you think embody the spirit of the Kreativ Blogger Award. Well, I think this award has circulated to just about everyone. Let's see, I'm going to award Courtney, Anna Beth, Mrs. Heather (if she cares to do this, lol), Margaret, Martha, Hannah D. and Sarah D. All of these people are very creative.
4. Name seven things about yourself that others don’t know. Scroll down for that.
5. Don’t forget to notify the seven Kreativ Bloggers about their award and post a link to their blog. I don't do links, but I will leave comments.

Okay, seven things about me that you didn't know. (most people who read my blog know a LOT about me, so I may have to come up with some strange things. lol)

1. I do not really like to play games. I rather be crocheting. As Clay says, "She's too old for
games" (this is not true, it's a joke. lol)
2. I do not like math
3. When I was little (4 or 5) I wanted long hair. I had short hair and bangs. I have not gotten a major haircut since, just trims.
4. I was (and still am) a TERRIBLE medicine taker. I am so happy pills were invented, although at first I was terrified to take one.
5. I once knitted dog hair. It didn't work very well.
6. I cannot sleep if there is any noise. I don't sleep with my fan, even in the summer, because it makes a very faint clicking noise.
7. I USED to like cheddar cheese. Now I cannot stand it.

Yay, I thought up seven things! That took a while. I have one more thing to say,
HURRAY HURRAY HURRAY XC IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tag and Tiny's House

That's kind of a bad title. Oh well. I can never think of good titles. I'll post the tag first;

1. What time is your bedtime on a school night? 9:30 to 10:00
2. What time is your bedtime on the weekends? About the same, except I can stay up later on Saturday
3. What is your least favorite school subject(s)? Algebra!
4. What is the song stuck in your head? No song
5. What the last movie watched? Hmmm, probably The Little Bear Movie in the car. It is a very good movie (for the intended age level)
6. What is your favorite movie right now? Oh I don't know...
7. What do you think will be the next movie you watch that you haven't before? Probably The Voyage of the Dawn Treader-yeah, I know it isn't coming out for a really long time, but we rarely go to a movie. Or I may see an old movie on TV...but I doubt that.
8. Do you like action or romance movies? Ummm, not specifically either one. I like movies like Monsters Inc. and Ratatouille, but I also like movies like National Treasure.
9. Do you like tagging and being tagged? Yes
10. What are you doing right now besides doing this tag? Chewing Gum
11. What has been your favorite question so far? I don't know
12. Do you make templates? No
13. Where do you get your from templates from most of the time? Well, I've only had one and I think it is from Lee Lou
14. Which original HSB template is your favorite? What's HSB?
15. Do you draw? Sometimes
16. If so, what is your specialty in drawing? Animals
17. Are you a professional artist? No
18. Do you sing? In church, around the house.
19. What is your favorite channel to watch on TV? ?
20. What is your favorite show on that channel? ?
21. Do you type fast? Kind of fast
22. Are you an author? No
23. Do you write stories? Um, I've tried. But no, not really
24. What is your favorite blog with a bunch of pictures on it? What?
25. Ever dove in 10 feet of goop? NO!! (these are strange questions! lol)
26. Do you know how to swim? Yes, but I don't know any strokes. I mostly dog paddle and swim on the bottom of the pool. I can stand up the whole way in our pool, so I don't have to swim furiously or anything. I just put my feet down!
27. Do you play video games? No
28. Do you LIKE playing video games? No
29. What is your favorite video game? None
30. Who was the last friend on HSB that you talked to? What is HSB?
31. What did you eat for breakfast? cereal
32. What is your favorite drink? I like a lot
33. Do you dance? No
34. What text talk do you use the most? I don't text
35. What was the last thing a friend told you? I can't remember
36. Who was the first friend you made on HSB?
37. Who was the most recent friend you made on HSB?
38. What was the last profile you looked at? Hannah Baggets
39. Do you know anything in Spanish? A little
40. What is a foreign language that you use frequently? None
42. Do you like LONG movies or SHORT movies? What is a short movie? lol
43. Do you make a lot of mistakes while typing? not too many
44. Any siblings? Yes, four
45. Ever fallen off a cliff? No
46. Ever punched a pillow? Probably...?
48. What time is it? 12:39 a.m.
49. Got your own room? yes
50. Favorite color? all colors
51. Pet peeve? Something that makes me so mad is when people get in other peoples way when they are killing themselves trying to run a race. I know sometimes it's an accident, but for some reason it makes me really...mad. You should have seen me when some boys linked together to block people in a race...and no, I did not even see them in the race so they did not block me...but they blocked some other people and I was QUITE mad. But they soon stopped there little plan when they saw that it wasn't really working. Good thing, lol!
52. When was the last time you cried? Last night I got tears in my eyes from reading a book about 9-11, and how the terrorist thought they were doing right! In the terrorist letter (of their instructions) the writer said to pray for God to help you, are going to the happiest, eternal life...clean yourselves of all worldly things, you about to be these last few hours pray for forgiveness...shout "God is great!" when the time ends something like, I put my trust in you, God. What if they could have been so zealous for the right cause? What if they could have known God's real will? It's so sad.
53. What was the weirdest name you'd ever heard in your life? In a baby name book there was the name Dweezil. That is one of the strangest.
54. Which parent of yours cooks dinner most of the time? Mama
55. Name 5 things that pop into your head when I say, "The pig blew down the house with his big, fat hoof." WHO MADE UP THESE QUESTIONS? There, five words. lol
56. How do you make your eggs, sausage etc.? I have never made sausage. I scramble eggs
57. Who was the last person you text? I do not text
58. Who is the last person you hugged? Catherine
59. Last thing you ate? Cereal
60.(Last question) Who ya gonna tag?

Now about Tiny (Catherine)
We got to spend the night with her Friday night!!! It was a lot of fun. She showed us her room, her bow and her shoe polishing set. We went outside and climbed on her wonderful climbing tree, then played on hay bales. She also showed us her dog Tip, her running trail, and some albums of her when she was little!! We LOVED looking at them.
We got in bed pretty early and talked and giggled until about 11:00. (John David, whose room is right next to Catherine's, was not too happy about this) The next morning (we got up at around 7:00) we climbed the tree and hay bales again, then played card games. It wasn't really lunch time, but we packed up a picnic and ate on the hay bales. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. Thank you so much, Tiny.
Oh, and I must post something about Andrew! I gave him a crocheted monkey who he named Cookie. Cookie went everywhere Andrew went. Andrew got a Valentine's card with ten dollars with it. What did he do? He bought us all a cookie with the works at Vanese's! Thank you Mrs. Misty, for taking us there. They have some of the BEST pizza in the world.
We had a GREAT time. Thanks Catherine, this rare post is for you (lol), who faithfully checks my not-very-updated-blog. ♥ (by the way, press alt and three on the numbers only keyboard and you get a heart!) ♥

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Long Run

Today I did my weekly long run for my half training. This week was twelve. I got through about ten minutes ago! Running on the treadmill for a long run is not too bad, since we have a TV and fan blowing on you. But at the end the bottom of my feet were burning and I was ready to be through! It took a one hour Duggar show and two and a half Full Houses. I finished at one hour and fifty-five minutes. Now I'm through with my long run for this week!! Next week is thirteen miles, then eight (to take a break before the race) then the RACE!
The race plan has slightly changed. We were not sure how big this race was going to be, or how well blocked off, so Julie and I were going to run with Daddy. I was not so sure about this. I wasn't so sure I could keep up with Daddy and Julie (not that we were going to run terribly fast). I knew Daddy would never leave me, but Daddy asked if I wanted to run with Mama, which meant running right under two hours (which I have done twice). It was finally decided that I get to run by myself, which is what I prefer. Not that I don't like running with Mama or Daddy, I just don't like having to "keep up" with anyone. In a race, that is. I love running with a group in cross-country practice! So there's my running plan, I hope that was not too boring. What time I am going for? Other than under two hours, I have no clue. I forgot to say that Daddy and Julie drove the course. Daddy said it was really hilly. He described them as San Fransisco hills!! Wow!!! So we'll see. Happy long running!

Monday, December 28, 2009


Before I get to the tag, I better say something about Christmas. We had a GREAT Christmas. I'm want to name a few neat things I got. One was a necklace that has a diamond charm, a charm that says, "courage" and a charm that says "13.1", which is the half-marathon distance. Speaking of half-marathon, I am training for my third! Back to Christmas. I got lots of yarn, which I LOVE. And a very VERY real looking stuffed raccoon who needs a name. Any ideas??? The last thing I want to name was a BIG SURPRISE. I had kind of asked for a CD player because mine broke. I only listened to a CD about once a month, but it was still nice. I didn't really expect to get me a CD player isn't really, well, exciting. Daddy got me something he thought would be more useful that a CD player. A NANO IPOD AND SPEAKER TO PUT IT IN!!!! I WAS SHOCKED!!!!!! And I can use it!!!! I've figured it out!!! Haha. Thank you so much Mama and Daddy.
Now about the tag;

1 who are you talking to? No one
2.what are you listening to right now? Julie turning pages in a book
3.what should you be doing? well, probably getting in bed since it is ten-thirty
5.what are you doing? typing
6.what do you not understand? How Clay can push all those buttons on his gameboy and win so easily. I die in about five seconds. lol
7.what/who have you lost respect for? ummm
8.what was the last thing you ate? a sugar cookie. Yum.
9.what is the meaning of your display name? what does that mean? will always be... a runner. I plan to, anyway. seems... How do I answer this?
12.what do you never want to lose? My family, friends. Most importantly, God
13.myspace is? I do NOT hacve myspace get annoyed when... Leah and Sam fight
16.yesterday I was... Sunday I am... (I was) crocheting, eating, running
18.I wish... that it wasn't so late!
19.something I never want to happen.... to go to public school is one of the things. (sorry all public schoolers! That would just...terrify me)
1.ever gotten your phone taken away? no. I have no phone to be taken away from me, ha!
2.ever kick someone? yes.... I'm sure I've kicked one of my siblings before. NOT recently.
3.ever tripped on your own feet? probably
1.have you cursed? NO!!!!
2.have you gotten mad at someone? Hmmm...
1. is there a person on your mind right now? not really you want children? absolutely you smile often? yes you untie your shoes before you take them off? all except for one pair
5.are you a friendly person? I try to be
6.who's bed other than yours do you sleep in? my sister's
7.what color shirt are you wearing? red
8.what were you doing at 9pm yesterday? sitting in church
9.what can't you wait till? to see my friend that I miss very much
1.A-AVAILABLE- yes, I am avalible to be your friend
2.B-BIRTHDAY-April 19
3.C-CRUSHING- I do not crush stuff.
4.D-DRINK YOU LAST HAD- water or tea
7.G-GUMMY BEARS OR WORMS- sour worms
8.H-hometown-Jackson MS
10.K-killed someone- NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11.L-longest car ride- Disney World
12 M-milkshake flavor- cookies and cream
13.N- favorite number- how can you have a favorite number?
14.O-one wish- that is too hard to answer
15.P-person you called last- Catherine Snyder
17.R-reason to smile- Jesus! Friends! Yarn!
18.S-song you last heard- I don't know the name
19.T-time you woke up this morning-9:00
20.U-umbrella- Uh, yeah! Umbrellas are great. lol
21.V-vegetables- I should eat more...
22.Worst habbit- hmmmm
23.x-x-rays you've had- mouth, and I recall getting some other x-ray, but I don't remember what it was for
24.y-your number of friends on facebook-don't have a facebook
25.z-zodack sign- Is that the Chinese thing? I don't know what animal I am, although it seems like I am a hog or pig or boar.

I am sorry, but I am omitting the last part of this tag because it is five minutes from eleven. I am tagging EVERYONE! Please go to Kara Beth's blog to get the full tag. Thanks, KB.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sewing With Leah

Today Julie and I babysitted Leah and Sam. After painting "porky balls" (those little spiky things you find on the ground) and making very cute ornaments with them, I asked Leah if she wanted to sew something. Asking a five year old to sew with you is...brave. But she did very good. We sewed snakes. Very, very cute snakes. Leah sewed a realistic one, and I sewed one with flowers. They had button eyes. Leah is AMAZING. I found out that she can sew on the machine BY HERSELF!! I had to sew around the head, but she did sewed the straight seams all by herself. After ironing them and stuffing them, (Leah needed some help stuffing the tail) I gave Leah a threaded needle. I sewed half of the hole up, and she sewed the other half, all by herself. She did amazing, using very small, close-together stitches. I would post pictures but...I really don't like posting pictures. It takes too long. As I'm sure I've said before, I rather be crocheting! Lol! Maybe Mama or Julie will post some pictures...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

First a tag from Anna Beth

1- Have you been asked if your married?
2 - Have ever had your picture taken with a famous person? no
3 - What's your middle name? Olivia. My first name is Mary
4 - Your current favorite book (besides the BIBLE)? I don't know...
5 - What's the first thing you do when you wake up from a nap? Lol, well, I never take naps-unless I ran a race really early in the morning
6 - What is your current mood? happy.
7 - What color shirt are you wearing? white
8 - Missing something? Yes, my xc friends.
9 - Current Favorite Quote? Oh, I don't know.
10- If you could go back in time and change something what would be? These are hard questions. I don't know...
11 - If you must be an animal for one day, what would you be? defiantly a dog or cat
12 - Ever had a near death experience? no
13 - Something you do a lot? CROCHET!!
14 - The song stuck in your head? No song right now
15 - Least favorite household chore? I don't really like to vacum
16 - Name someone with the same birthday as you. One of my distant cousins. Her sister has my NAME!
17 - When was the last time you cried? must I answer?
18. What are you most scared of? running out of yarn...JK!
19 - If you could have one super power what would it be? That I could FLY!!
20 - What's the first thing you notice about the opposite gender? umm, umm, I don't KNOW!
21 - What do you usually order from Starbucks? Apple cider
22 - What's your biggest secret? WHY would I post my biggest secret on my BLOG?? lol
23- What's your favorite color? all colors
24 - Do you still watch kiddie shows or tv shows? no.
25 - What's on your walls? Lime green paint, LOL
26 - What are you? a lot of stuff. I'm a Christian, a runner, a crocheter, a sister...
27 - Do you speak any other language? Well, I know a small amount of Spanish, however I do NOT think I could converse with a Spanish-speaking person!
28 - What's your favorite smell? Well... that's hard. I have a Jolly Rancher candle that I really like.
29 - Describe your life in one word! Now how am I supposed to do that?
30 - Have you ever smiled when your best friend was crying? no
31 - What are you thinking about right now? What to say to these interesting questions
32 - What should you be doing? It doesn't really matter right now. I'm at my grandparent's house!
33 - Who was the last person that made you upset/angry? Probably a sibling
34 - How often do you talk to God? A lot
36 - If you could have any last name in the world, what would you want? I would NEVER want to change my last name.
37 - What is your natural hair color? dark brown
38 - Do you have many friends? Yes
39 - Who is your role-model? ummm...
40 - Do you like your life? Yes.
40. I am going to tag...

Here is a tag from Kirsten

1. Do you know Catherine Snyder? YES!
2. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? chocolate. I LOVE LOVE LOVE fudge sauce on vanilla ice cream, too.
3. What is your fave color? all colors
4. Do you run? YES!
5. Do you like tomatoes? NO. I do like tomato sauce, though.
6. Do you have relatives out of the country? no
7. Do you have allergies? no
8. Do you have at least 10 friends? YES!!! Iove my friends
9. Are you a Christian? YES!
10. Is this a CRAZY post??? Not too crazy is good!

Finally, a tag from Martha

1.Do you like coffee? Yes I do you have a favorite color? This is a popular question! All colors
3.what is your favorite flavor of ice cream? This is also popular-look at the previous tag many people are in your family? Seven. Counting pets, fourteen
5.what is your favorite subject? I don't like any school, lol you wear glasses? No you have an up staires? Yes you have a dog? Four dogs
9.what is your favorite book? I don't KNOW! this a bad post? Of course not

Now I am going to make up one!!

Say which one you prefer:
1. Candy or Chocolate?
2. long and slow run, or short and fast?
3. pet bird or pet fish?
4. hot weather or freezing weather?
5. crispy or soft cookies?
6. colored pencils or crayons?
7. knitting or crocheting?
8. taking a picture of someone, or getting your picture taken?
9. necklace or bracelet?
10. country or city?

I am tagging: Martha, Sarah D. and Kirsten

Anyone else who wants to do these taggs, please go ahead!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

My Poor Blog...

Yes, my poor little blog, which has not been updated in two months. Well, we have been busy. We have been going to cross-country practice, of course, and running a race nearly every Saturday. Such fun. Tragically, xc season is almost over. One more week. NOOOOOOOO! Very sad, but I'm sure our wonderful coach needs a break. So do all the parents.
I have also been very busy crocheting. Remember that little mouse and that bunny I made? I posted pictures. Anyway, my crocheting skills have come a LOOONG way from those. I have made at least fifty little animals called "amigurumis". It's a Japanese word. I really want to post pictures, but I really don't want to go through all the trouble of taking them, finding them on the computer and then loading them five at a time. I'd rather be crocheting!! lol.
The girls (Mama, Leah, Julie and I) are going to HOBBY LOBBY today!!! Love that yarn place!!!! Tomorrow we are running a 5k. Daddy is going to pace me, so I'm hoping for a good time!!! Daddy runs FAST, hopefully I won't die. Lol! I will post how I did. Okay, I've got to go clean the bathroom, bring down some laundry and change clothes... I'll try and post my time tomorrow!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cross-Country Timed Run

Before I say anything about the run, let me say sorry about the pictures! Which I never posted... maybe one day.
Anyway, XC practice has started, hurrah! I LOVE cross-country... except when it's really painful, which it usually is... I love it anyway!
BUT, today we ran a time trial. I thought we were just running one as hard as we can mile around a track. I was wrong. When we got there, Mrs. Heather told us we were running a timed as fast as you can THREE miles!!! I thought, WHAT!?!?!? (by the way, it was 4:00 in the afternoon and it was HOT) Then she told us we would run on the cross-country course, not a track. I felt a little better, but still, three miles hard? We are going to DIE!! Mrs. Heather told us that she wanted us to pretend like it was a race and give it our best effort. She also said no, you didn't have to throw up at the end, just feel like it. We were very calmed by all this. (NOT! Lol) So we got started. It was very hot, and we ran very nearly all of the race in grass. (you go much faster on hard pavement, grass is harder to run in but better for your legs) When I got through, (YES!) I was about to die! I am VERY happy with my time!! The course we ran was about 0.15 short, not actually a 5k, just to let you know. My time was 21:58. Now my calves are a little sore and I have a very sore muscle on my side, but I'm okay! Our team is doing really good.
THE SPARTANS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Crochet Crazy

Hello! I have been really enjoying summer. No school, of course, and plenty of time to CROCHET!! I have been going CRAZY crocheting!! I learned how to make little animals and things by crocheting in rounds. They are SO CUTE!!!! Almost every spare minute of my time I have been crocheting. Eventually I will post pictures... may take me a while! : )
Until then, let me tell you what I have made.
1. a fuzzy chick
2. a orange, red and yellow bear (sadly I have no pic., I gave it away)
3. a silly red alien
4. a unicorn
5. a tall bear in a dress with sunglasses
6. a little turtle
7. a big blue owl
8. a black rabbit in a pink dress
9. a purple rabbit with a green skirt
10. a pink rabbit with very long ears
11. a birthday cake box
12. a mulicolored bear with a huge head
13. a blue bear with a huge head
14. a fuzzy pink kitten
15. another little turtle

( I used a pattern on everything except the alien, the chick, the cake, and the tall bear)

Right now I am crocheting a certain food. A HAMBUGER!!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bunny Pictures!!

Here are all the rabbits I made!! They all have names.Maggie Benny
Mary Jade (jade is a green rock)



All the little bunnies
Razzle Dazzle, a bigger bunnyCheckers

Sunny, an even bigger bunny

And a rainbow dot rabbit that needs a name.

Any ideas??

Please tell me which one is your favorite!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hop, Hop

Wow!! I have not updated in such a long time!!!
First of all, I need to say something about the wonderful and painful running camp!!!! I had SO MUCH FUN!! Our fabulous bow-up coach held a running camp, three days for boys, three days for girls. We ran killer hills, did a strength workout and a lot of life jacket lake swimming every day. We got very sore!! We also had a who-can-gather-the-most-scratchy-seaweed contest, boys verses girls. Girls won!! We did have a slight advantage over the boys by using both the raft and the canoe to haul in the seaweed... Oh well. We all really had a great time, and the camp motivated us to run better as a team. THANK YOU MRS. HEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now about the "Hop, Hop". Julie, Clay and I are staying a few days at our grandparent's house. Our grandmother, Mims, has tons of fabric, buttons, ribbons, and three sewing machines!! (Plus she can sew ANYTHING) So what have we been doing? Sewing, of course!! Julie and I have been sewing rabbits. So far I have sewed seven!! They are so cute!! Three little ones, two medium, and two big. They are not realistic looking rabbits-they are all colors, some with checks and dots. Pictures to come!! Hop, Hop!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I survived the Nashville half! It was HOT and HILLY. We drove to Nashville on Friday, and spent the night. The last time I ran a half, I was wearing layers and layers. Complete opposite this time!! I wore some shorts and a sleevless top. I also had a "running pouch" to hold my GU.

Daddy was running the full, but we started out in the same wave. He was with me for about thirty seconds and then he left me! But that was fine. Mile one to three were okay, but it was getting HOT. Around mile six, I was thinking, "I am not going to finish in under two hours!! Can keep running the rest? Am I going to be walking a mile or two? (By the way, I had been walking about every mile and a half or so, when there was a water stop.) Anyway, I guess the GU started to kick in a little or something, because I kept on. Still, after a water stop I'd run about a fourth of a mile, and then I wanted to walk again!!

Somehow I got to mile twelve. One mile left!! Then I dropped my sunglasses (which I wasn't wearing). I was NOT about to stop and pick them up. A minute later, a man gave them back to me!! He had stopped and picked them up!

Finally, finally, I was almost at the finish line. I was SO hot. When I crossed the finish line just seven seconds under two hours!! HURRAY! I was happy with that! Yet right after I finished I wasn't really thinking about my time too much. I could not keep my eyes straight, let alone walk straight!! And I couldn't stop bumping in to people! I wobbled over and got a water bottle. I did NOT want any race food. I remember I was soooo hot.... so I wobbled over to some grass and layed down on my race "blanket". I was trying to catch my breath and not throw up!

About fifteen minutes later, I found Mama and everyone else. (Except Daddy, of course.) As I was talking to her, I would get so out of breath!! I layed down again, though feeling much better. After a looooong long while, with some playing in the grass, taking Leah to the nasty portajohn, and a lot of cheering in the hot sun, we watched Daddy finish!! After we all got together, and Daddy felt like he could walk to the car, we left.

That race was SO HOT, VERY HILLY and VERY HARD, but I'm glad I did it! I may even do it again!
Today, though I am SO SORE!! I have been hobbling around... I can hardly remember the last time I was sore! Oh well...
We all had a great time in Nashville!! I may post some pictures, we'll see. GO RUNNERS!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


There is much to update about!! First of all, I made a hat out of Wal Mart sacks.
Here I am wearing the hat. Very stylish, I know.
Second, I ran the farthest I ever have!! FIFTEEN AND A HALF MILES!! It was great. I am SO glad that I had GU, which is energy gel. It tastes very good, actually. I may run fifteen miles again this Saturday.... or thirteen. Oh, and I had to get up at five thirty in the morning!!! (daddy and I were running with a group in Corinth) I usually get up at least two hours later!! But I was okay.
Third, we just got back from our grandparents' house. Mims has TONS of fabric, and she suggested that we crochet with it. Here's what I made...
A blue purse... with ribbon...

and buttons. A smaller pink and green purse...

and an even smaller pouch.With stars on the back.

Aren't they pretty?

My fingers got VERY sore from ripping and crocheting fabric. But it was worth it!! We had a lot of fun at our granparents' house.
That's all for now!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I have not updated in a long time!!!

A few weeks ago I sewed this mouse out of felt. The arms and legs are attached with buttons. The tail has a pipe cleaner inside. Here is one picture...And another. Sorry it's sidewaysHere's a picture of Leah's hair that I have ponytailedIsn't she cute? Yesterday I crochet this snake. I decided to crochet a snake because the body shape is easy. Lol!
Complete with bead eyes and a tongue!

Smile for the camera!!

Any name suggestions for the snake and mouse?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Disney Pictures and a Valentine

Mrs. Leisa George gave me a blog valentine!! Thank you so much!! I'm going to send it to all my blog friends.

Here are some Disney Picures!! They are random pictures, not all from the same day.
It's Buzz!!

On the bus

Don't fall!!

We're safe from the rain

Two little princesses

Sam sniffing Mama's hair

Yum Yum!!

Me holding a sharks hand

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Disney World!

I'm a little late in posting this, but we got back from Disney World on Friday 30th. We had a lot of fun!! We went to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios. This time I rode all the big rides, finally. And... SO DID LEAH!!!! She rode every roller coaster more than once, and didn't cry or scream on any of them! The only roller coaster she didn't ride was Rock'n Roller Coaster, because she wasn't tall enough. She was very brave. I however, did scream on a lot of rides!! Especially Tower Of Terror! And yes, Leah rode that too. We went to Disney World with the Mims family and Rebekah Childers, they all go to church with us. Sam loved seeing Buzz Lightyear!! Mama is blogging a much more detailed account of our trip, you can go to her blog by clicking Joyful Always on my blog list. I have millions of pictures so I will try and post some later. Anyway, that's all for now!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Beauty Advice From Leah

The other day, I was baby-sitting everyone while Mama and Daddy went out to eat. I let Leah brush and play with my hair. My hair was pretty tangly, and after a few yanks Leah told me, "You know, sometimes beauty hurts." Where did she hear that? I wondered. Then she said, "Mama told me that one time." She kept on brushing my hair, and trying to put a ponytail holder in it. She had more advice to tell. Very seriously, she said, "One hair can make a difference (pause) But I don't know what that means." She was SO funny!! Mama laughed so hard when I told her what Leah said. She said I needed to post it so we wouldn't forget. Leah is just too funny.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good Enough to Eat?

Yesterday I made some salt dough, which is made from flour, water and salt. You make something with it, then bake it until it is hard. You can't sculpt a masterpiece with this salt dough, but if you make something kind of flat it turns out okay. Here's what I made with the dough today. Does it look good enough to eat?
Of course you can't actually eat it, although I sprinkled real cinnamon on the cinnamon rolls before they went into the oven. The icing is real too... ha,ha, it's glue. It's all for play. I will post the recipe for it later.
Also yesterday, I started croching a shawl for this bear. I think it turned out really well, although a little big. What do you think?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Tagged By Recee!

Recee tagged me! Thanks! I am supposed to type 15 facts about myself.

1. I like to cook

2. I am the oldest

3. My birthday is on April, 19

4. I love animals

5. I live in the country

6. My favorite candies are Milky Ways and Jolly Ranchers

7. I love to read

8. I love to crochet

9. I don't know how to knit (wish I did!)

10. I can't stand chedder cheese

11. I love pasta

12. I love to color in coloring books

13. I can play the piano

14. I cannot do a cartwheel

15. I am a night owl, not an early bird.

I am going to tag; Anna Beth (Asland's daughter), Kate (Kate's Life), Nathan (Nathan's life on Paper), Cassia (Cassia's Chronicles) and Levi (Levi's Life)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Another Update

Well, the title of this post was going to be PICTURES!!, but I can't find my pictures!! I'll have to get Mama to help me some other time. Tomorrow we are starting school again. I hope I can remember how to do my math problems!! We are also starting back running from our two week running break. Two days ago we drove down to Jackson to my Aunt Megan and Uncle Russ's house. We spent the night with them because Daddy ran a half-marathon the next day. He did great!!!!! He was sixth in his age divison!! The race course was extremely hilly, he said. There were almost no flat places! Aunt Megan, Uncle Russ, Mama, Julie, Clay, Leah, Sam and I all got to watch the race. We got to see all the first place runners cross the finish line. They were amazing!!! Some people ran the full marathon at a pace I can't even keep up for one mile!! Anyway we are back home, looking forward to and dreading school tomorrow. Good luck to all who start back school Monday!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just Sort Of An Update...

Well it's a little late, but we had a GREAT Christmas!!! One of the things I got was a camera, so hopefully my post will have more pictures! Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. Already! On January 5th we are starting back school, which I am not really looking forward to... oh well. But I am looking forward to doing co-op again!! We have not been in a co-op group for a long time. Yesterday, we had some friends over and we did a play. Paige, who is Julie's age had a camcorder, so we "made a movie"! It was really funny. Leah had a part too. I will try and post a picture of her soon. ( I can't now, this computer doesn't download pictures). Julie, Clay and I are taking a 2 week break from running, and we're starting back with school. Daddy is running a half-marathon this Saturday!! (only him, this time) I am going to do another one in April. Sadly Julie cannot run it because she is one year too young, but she is still going to train with me. She is going to try and do a fast 10k (6.1 miles) one week after the half-marathon. I will NOT be keeping up! I'm not going to try to run my fastest time in a 10k one week after a half-marathon!! Anyway, Late Merry Christmas, and Happy Early New Year!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Presents and Christmas Snow!!

I have been wrapping a lot of presents!! I LOVE doing it. It is something I really look forward to every year. I have probably wrapped the most today! Leah likes to pick out the "name sticker" to put on all the presents I wrap. While I was wrapping in the basement today, Clay suddenly yells, "It's snowing!!" If there is snow outside Clay will be in it, no matter how early. After a while I went outside with Clay who had no coat on, only a towel over his head. I had grabbed Mama's old heavy coat. It was really snowing! Sadly, the snow wasn't sticking but it was fun trying to catch it in our mouths. I don't think it is snowing any more. I will try and post a picture soon.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Today we ran the half-marathon. HURRAH!!! I almost can't believe that we have already run it. We had so much fun. Yesterday, at about one 1:00 Daddy, Mama, Julie and I left the house. We picked up Forrest Tate, who was going to run the race too. When we got to Memphis, we went into the Expo to get our race numbers, shirts, and bags. Their were a lot of booths selling running clothes and things. I got a shirt that says, "I know I run like a girl. Try to keep up" Julie's shirt says, "13.1 miles. Been there, run that" After that, we went to the Spaghetti Warehouse restaurant to eat some pasta as our pre-race meal. The spaghetti was great!! We went to a Starbucks, got some coffee/hot chocolate/cider/strawberry something, and then went to a professional basket ball game. While we were going from place to place it was FREEZING outside. We thought we were going to absolutely freeze in the morning. At the hotel, Julie and I slept on a blowup bed. I wasn't really sure how fast I was going to run in the morning because I had trained pretty slow with Mama, about a 2:15 or slower, but Julie wanted to break two hours. Daddy thought we could. I didn't really have a goal. Anyway, I slept well. I woke up at about 4:30 in the morning. I knew that we would have to get up at 5:45, and I hoped I wouldn't feel so tired! However, when we did get up I soon was wide awake. I pulled out my huge stack of clothes I had brought to wear in the freezing weather. I wore: running tights, running pants, a tight undershirt, a looser running shirt, a short sleeved running shirt, and a pink fleece coat. Oh yeah, and gloves and a head/ear band. Daddy got some cath gowns from the hospital for us to wear before the race, so we wouldn't be too cold. Mama was the only one who ended up putting on the long, blue gown. At the starting line, Forrest was in wave 2, Daddy was in wave 4, Julie and I were in wave 6, and I think Mama was in wave 9. When our wave finally started, it was so different from our usual race start. Usually, I start pretty fast, but this time I had to start slow and hold back. The beginning of the race was wonderful. I wasn't too cold at all, and eventually I really felt warm. It was a great temperature after all! Julie and I ran together for the first three miles although we didn't plan to necessarily stay together. I knew Julie was probably going to be ahead of me since she was determined to break two hours. Originally, I planned to walk at mile 3, 5, 7, and 11. When we got to mile 3, I really didn't want to walk, because no one else was!! But I did for a little bit, knowing that I didn't want to be too tired at the end of the race. Julie went on, and I lost her. Surprisingly, I caught up with her. I started thinking, maybe I can break two hours! I decided to try and walk at just mile 3, 6, and 9. So at mile 6 I walked again, losing Julie. I didn't catch up this time. At around mile 7 and a half and 8 I started to get tired. I was running a lot faster than I had trained, and I was walking less. At mile 9 there was gu, which is energy gel in a little packet. I had never eaten it before, but I ate it then! I walked the longest while eating the gu and drinking some water. I got water at several stops. The gu helped. I didn't feel so tired! At mile 11 I wanted to walk, but I think I decided not to. Nearing the end I was so tired!!! I didn't really think I was going to break two hours, but with less that a half mile to go, I looked at my watch and thought, hey, maybe I can! I really sped up, and finished in 1:58!!!!! I was so happy to be through!! Daddy ( who finished in 1:45, five minutes under his goal), Julie (who finished in 1:57) and I waited for Mama to finish and froze. When Mama finished we didn't see her for a while, but we ate some soup and pizza, and found Forrest (who finished in 1:33, he was very pleased). We found Mama, and went to the car!! What a race!!!! Forrest said it was the most painful and most fun race he had ever run. I'm not too surprised that it was his most painful, since he was running around my 5k pace!! After eating at Huey's we came home. Now I am very tired. Now we can all say that we have run a half-marathon!!!!!! Hurrah!