Friday, July 17, 2009

Crochet Crazy

Hello! I have been really enjoying summer. No school, of course, and plenty of time to CROCHET!! I have been going CRAZY crocheting!! I learned how to make little animals and things by crocheting in rounds. They are SO CUTE!!!! Almost every spare minute of my time I have been crocheting. Eventually I will post pictures... may take me a while! : )
Until then, let me tell you what I have made.
1. a fuzzy chick
2. a orange, red and yellow bear (sadly I have no pic., I gave it away)
3. a silly red alien
4. a unicorn
5. a tall bear in a dress with sunglasses
6. a little turtle
7. a big blue owl
8. a black rabbit in a pink dress
9. a purple rabbit with a green skirt
10. a pink rabbit with very long ears
11. a birthday cake box
12. a mulicolored bear with a huge head
13. a blue bear with a huge head
14. a fuzzy pink kitten
15. another little turtle

( I used a pattern on everything except the alien, the chick, the cake, and the tall bear)

Right now I am crocheting a certain food. A HAMBUGER!!!!!