Sunday, November 28, 2010

Time For a Post? :)

I suppose it's about time for a post, perhaps? Lol. Wow, the xc season I mentioned in the last post has already gone. It was a FANTASTIC season. Personally, I didn't run as I'd like, but our girl's team was GOOD!! Let me mention the top five AMAZING girls who won so many meet for us- Julie, Danielle, Catherine, Martha, Kendra. They were all super fast to begin with, and they improved dramatically. Girls, ya'll are amazing. Another thing, Leslie? Shanda? WAY TO GO, beginners at the head of the pack! I'm so proud of ya'll.
So what's happening now? I am about to run the St. Jude. I am very excited that Mrs. Heather is coming. Oh, after the race I will end my carbonated fast. I have not had one drink of carbonation since around the beginning of the season. I plan to drink a big coke after I run. :)
I am still crocheting, knitting a bit, sewing, trying to finish Christmas presents!! My closet is full of presents. My room overfloweth with yarn. Yarn in rolls, yarn in a sack, yarn crocheted into animals, yarn scraps, ect. Guess what is on my Christmas list? Yarn, actually. lol. I do use it up quickly.
So Tiny, here is a post for you. All you people who check my blog and are always watching for a post, this is for you. lol. I'll try and start blogging a little more.