Saturday, May 29, 2010

Finally Posting...

Yes, I am finally posting, and I'm warning you that this is going to be a random post! Mac and Me-C, I am sorry for not helping you with the award on your blog. Cassia, I'm sorry for not mailing you any patterns! I just read ya'll's comments.

As most of you know, xc is over for the summer. Very sad. But it is also a good thing, because we are going to be very busy! I'm still crocheting/knitting a LOT. Right now I am working on Rhino the hamster from the movie Bolt. I love that movie. Does anyone need a pattern for anything? Go to It has tons of patterns for EVERYTHING. Toys, hats, jackets, blankets, dog clothes, scarfs, flowers, dishrags, ect. Oh, and it's all free. It can teach you any new stitch-even how to knit or crochet!

Yesterday Julie and I babysat for the first time. I mean, we babysat someone who was not our brother or sister. We babysat a six month old baby named Sarah. She was a BUTTERBALL, and the best baby you could ever ask to babysit. We took care of her for three hours and she did not cry once. Julie and I have had a lot of experience with babies (Leah and Sam) but the last baby was four years ago! When we first got Sarah we weren't sure what to do...I mean, what do you do with a happy baby who simply sucks on a pacifier and stares around? Lol. We read her books, changed her diaper three times-and checked it twice (Mama found this very funny), we rocked her while she took a nap, and bounced her. This is what we did to "bounce" her. One of us would hold her on our laps and bounce her while she jumped on her chubby little legs. The other would sit on the floor and bounce themselves to make Sarah laugh. All while singing, "Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy!" to a catchy little tune. Sarah loved it, and our arms got a workout! Babysitting job number one went well.

Alright, now I need to go help Mac and Me-C, and send Cassia some patterns. Good-bye till next time..would could be a while...:)