Friday, July 17, 2009

Crochet Crazy

Hello! I have been really enjoying summer. No school, of course, and plenty of time to CROCHET!! I have been going CRAZY crocheting!! I learned how to make little animals and things by crocheting in rounds. They are SO CUTE!!!! Almost every spare minute of my time I have been crocheting. Eventually I will post pictures... may take me a while! : )
Until then, let me tell you what I have made.
1. a fuzzy chick
2. a orange, red and yellow bear (sadly I have no pic., I gave it away)
3. a silly red alien
4. a unicorn
5. a tall bear in a dress with sunglasses
6. a little turtle
7. a big blue owl
8. a black rabbit in a pink dress
9. a purple rabbit with a green skirt
10. a pink rabbit with very long ears
11. a birthday cake box
12. a mulicolored bear with a huge head
13. a blue bear with a huge head
14. a fuzzy pink kitten
15. another little turtle

( I used a pattern on everything except the alien, the chick, the cake, and the tall bear)

Right now I am crocheting a certain food. A HAMBUGER!!!!!


Jimmy said...

Amazing! Post photos of your creations.

Reecee said...

That is so cool Olvia!

Reecee said...

Oops sorry I spelled your name wrong Olivia!

Holly J said...

Wow Olivia - you have been very busy! I will check back later for some pictures! Love, Holly Johnson

Margaret or Martha said...

AwSoMe!!! KeEp Up ThE GoOd WoRk!!

Anna Beth said...

I awared you!!!!!!
~Anna BETH~

Em said...

And you made a pegasus (or was that the unicorn?). Either way, my girls think it's great!

Thank you for teaching them (Ok, ME, lol!) to crochet! We are all having such fun learning.

Anonymous said...

WOW You Did So Good !!! I did 2 Miles in 24:57 !!

Stacy said...

You sure have crocheted a lot! I am crochet CRAZY too! I got your letter the other day and sent one to you!

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