Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cross-Country Timed Run

Before I say anything about the run, let me say sorry about the pictures! Which I never posted... maybe one day.
Anyway, XC practice has started, hurrah! I LOVE cross-country... except when it's really painful, which it usually is... I love it anyway!
BUT, today we ran a time trial. I thought we were just running one as hard as we can mile around a track. I was wrong. When we got there, Mrs. Heather told us we were running a timed as fast as you can THREE miles!!! I thought, WHAT!?!?!? (by the way, it was 4:00 in the afternoon and it was HOT) Then she told us we would run on the cross-country course, not a track. I felt a little better, but still, three miles hard? We are going to DIE!! Mrs. Heather told us that she wanted us to pretend like it was a race and give it our best effort. She also said no, you didn't have to throw up at the end, just feel like it. We were very calmed by all this. (NOT! Lol) So we got started. It was very hot, and we ran very nearly all of the race in grass. (you go much faster on hard pavement, grass is harder to run in but better for your legs) When I got through, (YES!) I was about to die! I am VERY happy with my time!! The course we ran was about 0.15 short, not actually a 5k, just to let you know. My time was 21:58. Now my calves are a little sore and I have a very sore muscle on my side, but I'm okay! Our team is doing really good.
THE SPARTANS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Megan said...

Wow! You go girl!

Heather said...

You and Julie both did GREAT!!! It sure was hot... I didn't realize it until your mama and I ran an hour later than y'all did!

Em said...

You're awesome! So proud of you guys! : )

Julie McAfee said...

Way to run, Olivia! I am looking forward to watching all of the Spartans this year. Keep up the great work.

Madison said...

Hi Olivia my name is Madison! I am a visiter of Julie's blog and for some reason I have not found yours yet. I love your blog now and will enjoy visiting!!!!!!!!!

Love, Madison

karabeth said...

hey olivia!
We've missed ya'll it was nice getting to see ya'll the other day I've posted about the surgery , which went well, and a TON of pics hope to see ya sometime soon!


Stacy said...
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Stacy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stacy said...

I am actually Cassia instead of Stacy!LOL! I deleted my last comment, because of a spelling mistake! I have been crocheting like CRAZY, too! Will you link me or something to some of your favorite crochet patterns? Thanks! I got your letter the other day. If you like rattatouilee I am sure you will like this pattern

I am crocheting it for Levi. He is even going to pay me!

P.S. I can't wait to see pictures of the crochet stuff!

kirsten said...

Olivia, I tagged you and I want you to know that Congratulations with your braces.

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