Friday, November 6, 2009

My Poor Blog...

Yes, my poor little blog, which has not been updated in two months. Well, we have been busy. We have been going to cross-country practice, of course, and running a race nearly every Saturday. Such fun. Tragically, xc season is almost over. One more week. NOOOOOOOO! Very sad, but I'm sure our wonderful coach needs a break. So do all the parents.
I have also been very busy crocheting. Remember that little mouse and that bunny I made? I posted pictures. Anyway, my crocheting skills have come a LOOONG way from those. I have made at least fifty little animals called "amigurumis". It's a Japanese word. I really want to post pictures, but I really don't want to go through all the trouble of taking them, finding them on the computer and then loading them five at a time. I'd rather be crocheting!! lol.
The girls (Mama, Leah, Julie and I) are going to HOBBY LOBBY today!!! Love that yarn place!!!! Tomorrow we are running a 5k. Daddy is going to pace me, so I'm hoping for a good time!!! Daddy runs FAST, hopefully I won't die. Lol! I will post how I did. Okay, I've got to go clean the bathroom, bring down some laundry and change clothes... I'll try and post my time tomorrow!


Myriam Sanders said...

You have a cool blog. I like reading your posts.

Stacy said...

You have an awesome blog. I LOVE reading your posts! Everyone gets busy sometimes!

Catherine said...

Dear Mo,
guess who I am??? It's tiny!!!
cool Blog..I hope you don't die...really

kelley said...

You do have a really cool blog... I wish I had one, but, then again, I don't. See you at XC!
Kelley C.

Margaret or Martha said...

Dear Spartan Sis, this is wait, martha is in memphis. So i guess this this is i knew who this was all along IT IS ME-C!!!!!!!!I dont Know what i am saying.I appologize & I will C U later:) Your forgetful Spartan Sis,ME-C

Margaret or Martha said...

Dear spartan Sis,It took me almost 2 hours to read everything on your blog,but I did it! C U @ Da last day of Track:( Margarito

Katie said...

I agree with Cassia, Olivia I like your blog alot


Stacy said...

(by the way this is cassia)
Would you please post some of your favorite crochet patterns? I would love to crochet them!

Margaret or Martha said...

Dear mo-j, I miss you so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to make you somthing for chistmas. Oh! I Got it! I`m not going to tell you:) miss you!


Margaret or Martha said...

dear Mo, cvjhdgyvgdfhvbhdfvtfbfvdbvnfbhgfhvggbnbgvhfdvgbsfndbbfhdgfhabsdbgnbfhsghdbfvgdhsghdbfgnbfhgsdfbngshkdhfbjnsdh.......I appologize,I forgot how to type:(....:)just kidding ME-C

roye said...

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