Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hop, Hop

Wow!! I have not updated in such a long time!!!
First of all, I need to say something about the wonderful and painful running camp!!!! I had SO MUCH FUN!! Our fabulous bow-up coach held a running camp, three days for boys, three days for girls. We ran killer hills, did a strength workout and a lot of life jacket lake swimming every day. We got very sore!! We also had a who-can-gather-the-most-scratchy-seaweed contest, boys verses girls. Girls won!! We did have a slight advantage over the boys by using both the raft and the canoe to haul in the seaweed... Oh well. We all really had a great time, and the camp motivated us to run better as a team. THANK YOU MRS. HEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now about the "Hop, Hop". Julie, Clay and I are staying a few days at our grandparent's house. Our grandmother, Mims, has tons of fabric, buttons, ribbons, and three sewing machines!! (Plus she can sew ANYTHING) So what have we been doing? Sewing, of course!! Julie and I have been sewing rabbits. So far I have sewed seven!! They are so cute!! Three little ones, two medium, and two big. They are not realistic looking rabbits-they are all colors, some with checks and dots. Pictures to come!! Hop, Hop!


Roan said...

Hop Hop on home! I really miss you Olivia!
I cannot wait to see your cute little bunnies. I am so glad that you are having so much fun.
I love you,

Julie's Journal said...

Your bunnies are all so cute! I think you've made eight now!!

Kate said...

That sounds like fun!!!
I hope we can get together soon!

Anonymous said...

Really Cool! Ya'll will Have to Show me How To Make Them I Love To Sew!!!!!

Bye AND Have Fun!!!!!

Hannah said...

I love sewing!! The bunnies sound really cute!! you and your sister are very talented!!


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