Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tag and Tiny's House

That's kind of a bad title. Oh well. I can never think of good titles. I'll post the tag first;

1. What time is your bedtime on a school night? 9:30 to 10:00
2. What time is your bedtime on the weekends? About the same, except I can stay up later on Saturday
3. What is your least favorite school subject(s)? Algebra!
4. What is the song stuck in your head? No song
5. What the last movie watched? Hmmm, probably The Little Bear Movie in the car. It is a very good movie (for the intended age level)
6. What is your favorite movie right now? Oh I don't know...
7. What do you think will be the next movie you watch that you haven't before? Probably The Voyage of the Dawn Treader-yeah, I know it isn't coming out for a really long time, but we rarely go to a movie. Or I may see an old movie on TV...but I doubt that.
8. Do you like action or romance movies? Ummm, not specifically either one. I like movies like Monsters Inc. and Ratatouille, but I also like movies like National Treasure.
9. Do you like tagging and being tagged? Yes
10. What are you doing right now besides doing this tag? Chewing Gum
11. What has been your favorite question so far? I don't know
12. Do you make templates? No
13. Where do you get your from templates from most of the time? Well, I've only had one and I think it is from Lee Lou
14. Which original HSB template is your favorite? What's HSB?
15. Do you draw? Sometimes
16. If so, what is your specialty in drawing? Animals
17. Are you a professional artist? No
18. Do you sing? In church, around the house.
19. What is your favorite channel to watch on TV? ?
20. What is your favorite show on that channel? ?
21. Do you type fast? Kind of fast
22. Are you an author? No
23. Do you write stories? Um, I've tried. But no, not really
24. What is your favorite blog with a bunch of pictures on it? What?
25. Ever dove in 10 feet of goop? NO!! (these are strange questions! lol)
26. Do you know how to swim? Yes, but I don't know any strokes. I mostly dog paddle and swim on the bottom of the pool. I can stand up the whole way in our pool, so I don't have to swim furiously or anything. I just put my feet down!
27. Do you play video games? No
28. Do you LIKE playing video games? No
29. What is your favorite video game? None
30. Who was the last friend on HSB that you talked to? What is HSB?
31. What did you eat for breakfast? cereal
32. What is your favorite drink? I like a lot
33. Do you dance? No
34. What text talk do you use the most? I don't text
35. What was the last thing a friend told you? I can't remember
36. Who was the first friend you made on HSB?
37. Who was the most recent friend you made on HSB?
38. What was the last profile you looked at? Hannah Baggets
39. Do you know anything in Spanish? A little
40. What is a foreign language that you use frequently? None
42. Do you like LONG movies or SHORT movies? What is a short movie? lol
43. Do you make a lot of mistakes while typing? not too many
44. Any siblings? Yes, four
45. Ever fallen off a cliff? No
46. Ever punched a pillow? Probably...?
48. What time is it? 12:39 a.m.
49. Got your own room? yes
50. Favorite color? all colors
51. Pet peeve? Something that makes me so mad is when people get in other peoples way when they are killing themselves trying to run a race. I know sometimes it's an accident, but for some reason it makes me really...mad. You should have seen me when some boys linked together to block people in a race...and no, I did not even see them in the race so they did not block me...but they blocked some other people and I was QUITE mad. But they soon stopped there little plan when they saw that it wasn't really working. Good thing, lol!
52. When was the last time you cried? Last night I got tears in my eyes from reading a book about 9-11, and how the terrorist thought they were doing right! In the terrorist letter (of their instructions) the writer said to pray for God to help you, are going to the happiest, eternal life...clean yourselves of all worldly things, you about to be these last few hours pray for forgiveness...shout "God is great!" when the time ends something like, I put my trust in you, God. What if they could have been so zealous for the right cause? What if they could have known God's real will? It's so sad.
53. What was the weirdest name you'd ever heard in your life? In a baby name book there was the name Dweezil. That is one of the strangest.
54. Which parent of yours cooks dinner most of the time? Mama
55. Name 5 things that pop into your head when I say, "The pig blew down the house with his big, fat hoof." WHO MADE UP THESE QUESTIONS? There, five words. lol
56. How do you make your eggs, sausage etc.? I have never made sausage. I scramble eggs
57. Who was the last person you text? I do not text
58. Who is the last person you hugged? Catherine
59. Last thing you ate? Cereal
60.(Last question) Who ya gonna tag?

Now about Tiny (Catherine)
We got to spend the night with her Friday night!!! It was a lot of fun. She showed us her room, her bow and her shoe polishing set. We went outside and climbed on her wonderful climbing tree, then played on hay bales. She also showed us her dog Tip, her running trail, and some albums of her when she was little!! We LOVED looking at them.
We got in bed pretty early and talked and giggled until about 11:00. (John David, whose room is right next to Catherine's, was not too happy about this) The next morning (we got up at around 7:00) we climbed the tree and hay bales again, then played card games. It wasn't really lunch time, but we packed up a picnic and ate on the hay bales. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. Thank you so much, Tiny.
Oh, and I must post something about Andrew! I gave him a crocheted monkey who he named Cookie. Cookie went everywhere Andrew went. Andrew got a Valentine's card with ten dollars with it. What did he do? He bought us all a cookie with the works at Vanese's! Thank you Mrs. Misty, for taking us there. They have some of the BEST pizza in the world.
We had a GREAT time. Thanks Catherine, this rare post is for you (lol), who faithfully checks my not-very-updated-blog. ♥ (by the way, press alt and three on the numbers only keyboard and you get a heart!) ♥


Stacy said...

Thanks for tagging me. I always faithfully check you "not-very-updated" blog. Miss ya'!

Anna beth said...

I am so glad you had fun with tiny! :) I laughed and laughed when she told me all the things ya'll did and said!!!! love you too!

Stacy said...

Still crocheting!! Right now I am working on a pink and white baby afghan.

Myriam Sanders said...

Olivia, I awarded your blog the Kreativ Blogger award. Read my blog for more information.

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