Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Long Run

Today I did my weekly long run for my half training. This week was twelve. I got through about ten minutes ago! Running on the treadmill for a long run is not too bad, since we have a TV and fan blowing on you. But at the end the bottom of my feet were burning and I was ready to be through! It took a one hour Duggar show and two and a half Full Houses. I finished at one hour and fifty-five minutes. Now I'm through with my long run for this week!! Next week is thirteen miles, then eight (to take a break before the race) then the RACE!
The race plan has slightly changed. We were not sure how big this race was going to be, or how well blocked off, so Julie and I were going to run with Daddy. I was not so sure about this. I wasn't so sure I could keep up with Daddy and Julie (not that we were going to run terribly fast). I knew Daddy would never leave me, but still...so Daddy asked if I wanted to run with Mama, which meant running right under two hours (which I have done twice). It was finally decided that I get to run by myself, which is what I prefer. Not that I don't like running with Mama or Daddy, I just don't like having to "keep up" with anyone. In a race, that is. I love running with a group in cross-country practice! So there's my running plan, I hope that was not too boring. What time I am going for? Other than under two hours, I have no clue. I forgot to say that Daddy and Julie drove the course. Daddy said it was really hilly. He described them as San Fransisco hills!! Wow!!! So we'll see. Happy long running!


Catherine said...

Hey Mo,
Ouch,I am glad I don't run half marathons! Don't die. Okay? wow that's encouraging,huh? Bow Up,run hard,and come home and take a nap.

Myriam Sanders said...

Wow!!! You are impressive.

Stacy said...

Wow!! Hope you get a GREAT time!! Please post the times after the race!!
Your friend,

Hannah said...

Ohhh, I love the Duggar's show! I I hope you do well in the race!!! And like Tiny said, Don't die!

coochrocks~16 said...

Hey girl! I have been running with the schedule coach sent the team and all she has us doing is 3 miles every other day and I think next week were doin 4 so thats not too bad... I really enjoy running again and cant wait to see the team again!

Hannah said...

Hey!!! I just finished the second Mysterious Benedict Society! It was awesome!!! I feel sorry for S.Q. I think I'm addicted!!! I red them both in a couple days! I can't put them down!!!

Margaret or Martha said...

Hey! I Hope you get a good time on your half Marathon!What have you been crocheting lately?I am making a Spartan colored penguin!See you soon!

Margaret or Martha said...

Olivia,Hi how are you doing? I miss you so much!!! I hope to see you soon!!!


Hannah said...

I tagged you!

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