Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just Sort Of An Update...

Well it's a little late, but we had a GREAT Christmas!!! One of the things I got was a camera, so hopefully my post will have more pictures! Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. Already! On January 5th we are starting back school, which I am not really looking forward to... oh well. But I am looking forward to doing co-op again!! We have not been in a co-op group for a long time. Yesterday, we had some friends over and we did a play. Paige, who is Julie's age had a camcorder, so we "made a movie"! It was really funny. Leah had a part too. I will try and post a picture of her soon. ( I can't now, this computer doesn't download pictures). Julie, Clay and I are taking a 2 week break from running, and we're starting back with school. Daddy is running a half-marathon this Saturday!! (only him, this time) I am going to do another one in April. Sadly Julie cannot run it because she is one year too young, but she is still going to train with me. She is going to try and do a fast 10k (6.1 miles) one week after the half-marathon. I will NOT be keeping up! I'm not going to try to run my fastest time in a 10k one week after a half-marathon!! Anyway, Late Merry Christmas, and Happy Early New Year!


Kate said...

Hi Olivia!!
I got a new camera too. What does yours look like?

Kate said...

What brand is your camera?? Mine is a Samsung.
Oh, and who are you doing co-op with?? I am doing science with Ashley, Kara Beth and Anna Beth! We are starting next week.

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