Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It's Christmas again!!!!! It's December!! The twenty-five days of Christmas countdown has begun!!! All our Christmas decorations are up... our Christmas tree is up... we listen to Christmas music every time we are in the car!! When we put up our Christmas tree last Friday, Sam helped too. He would choose an ornament and hang it on the very edge of the branch. Of course, he couldn't reach very high, so all his edge-of-the-branch ornaments were only around one part of the tree. He had fun, though. After the tree was finished, Sam asked where the "cracker nut" was. Cracker nut, Checker nut, nut cracker, all the same. Oh, and something else is coming up that is not Christmas. THE HALF-MARATHON!!!!! It is this Saturday!!! I can't wait to post about it after we have done it! It is going to be cooold, but I rather it be cold than hot. Anyway, have a MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!!!!


Kate said...

I CAN'T wait 'till Christmas!! Are you doing Christmas with Emily and Leslie next week?? :o)

Autumn said...

I am excited about Christmas too!
We have our decorations up, and I have been listening to Christmas music. (and playing it!)
Do you have a favorite Christmas cd?

Nathan's blog said...

Good lock on your half marathon