Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Another Tag

My Aunt Megan tagged me and gave me a blog award, which I do not know how to get on my blog. I am supposed to type six random things about myself. Let me think...

1. I just got braces a week ago, and I am finally getting used to them!

2. The farthest I have ever been from home is San Fransisco

3. I have a LOT of stuffed animals. Most of them are on a tall shelf in my room.

4. When I was three, I had a fish named Cinderella. When that one died, I had another one named Rainbow.

5. I just learned how to e-mail about a month ago.

6. When I was about three, I was afraid of mannequins.

Now I am supposed to tag/award six blogs. Hopefully the award will be up soon!

1. Katelyn
2. Ashley
3. Anna Beth
4. Mrs. Lynn
5. Mrs. Liesa
6. Aunt Jenny


Liesa said...


Autumn said...

You are very interesting! Mannequins are scary. I don't blame you for being afraid.

Russ and Megan said...

OLIVIA! I had NO idea you got braces!

Ashley said...

I can't Wait to see your braces!!!!

Stacy said...

I tagged you just go to my blog!!

Stacy said...

I tagged you, go to my blog um I apear as 'Stacy',but I'm cassia!!

Kate said...

Thanks for the award!!!!!!!!!!