Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Tag, And A Dog Story

First, here is a tag from Hannah.

1. look right, what do you see? A curtain
2. look left, what do you see? A chair, the table, the kitchen
3. look behind you, what do you see? A rocking chair, Leah's beloved pink pig and bear
I am going to tag Anna Beth, Ashley, and Katlen

And about the dog... Well, yesterday Julie, Mama and I ran eleven miles!!!! That is the farthest we have ever gone!! Before we started (we were in a neighborhood) we saw a friendly dog. So we petted him, and started off. That dog followed us! And he kept on following! Of course, he would stop and sniff here and there, but he would always catch up with us. Before we had gone really far, someone drove up and asked us if the dog was ours. We said he wasn't, he was just following us! The lady who stopped us said that her grandson, who was in the car and looked about five, thought that we were taking the dog away. He had been feeding it and playing with it for a few days. We told him that when we left, the dog would probably go back to his house. Anyway, we planned to run in a few different neighborhoods, and we didn't want the dog to follow because he may get lost, and because of cars. We thought that he would eventually get tired and go away. He didn't stop!! We decided that the dog would follow us out of the neighborhood and back again. We could call him away from cars. That is just what happened!! THAT DOG FOLLOWED US THE WHOLE ELEVEN MILES!!!! Well, almost. When we passed some children, the dog went to them. We soon noticed that he wasn't following us any more, and we had to get him back to his neighborhood! Thankfully, we didn't have to go far to find the dog. We called him away, and he followed us all the way back!! Good job, doggy!


Ashley said...

haha thats really funny!!! thanks for tagging me!!

Julie's Journal said...

That doggie was sooo sweet! I hope he went back to the little boy:o)

Hannah said...

Awww, that's cute...I love it when dogs follow me when I run. It reminds me of my old boarder collie,Ben, he would ALWAYS run along side of me, and protect me (he went missing almost a year ago) So when dogs follow me it makes me run harder (most of the time)in memory of Ben. And of course they always go back to their home.

Love your blog!!