Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kate's Tag

Katelyn tagged me a while ago, but I am just now doing it. Sorry Katelyn!

What was the last animal you saw? probably my dog Lilly

What was the last sentence you saw? the sentence above this one

What is your hair style? Right now? A pony tail

Have you ever gone surfing? (ocean, not web) No

Are you scared of spiders? If it's in my room, yes. If it is outside, no.

What color is your favorite pair of shoes? Hmmm, what are my favorite pair?

Do you wish you could have seen a dinosaur before they were extinct? Not really

What is your middle name spelled backwards? aivilo (Olivia is my middle name. My first name is Mary. yarm!)

What is the first thing you think of when you hear fireworks? Fourth of July

What question R U on? The tenth one

What is the last time you laughed? I can't remember.

What did you eat on your last birthday? Pizza

Are you wearing make-up? No

Have you answered “don’t know” to any of these questions? No

Have you ever dreamed you were a character in a movie? No, but that would be funny

Did you answer that question? Yes!

What is right in front of you? The computer, some running watches, a lamp

Is this tag weird? No

Who will you tag? Anna Beth, and my Aunt Megan!!

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Russ and Megan said...

Right click the picture on my blog and save it onto your computer. Then you can upload it like a picture onto your post.