Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Day In Corinth

Yesterday the Spartan team ran a 5k in Corinth!! It was called the Diabetes Dash. It was cold!!!We got there an hour early, because we didn't know if the race started at 8:00 or 8:30. It started at 8:30. We were very cold!! Mrs. Heather drove some of us around the course, and we saw that it had a LOT of curves, which can slow you down. But, there wasn't really any hills, just what we called some "slight inclines". My time was 22:05, which is close to my fastest time! The whole team did GREAT!!! The coldness helped. I like to run in cold races. My whole family did wonderful, too. Mama did her fastest time ever!!! She ran with Mrs. Heather, who was pushing her to run faster. Then Mrs. Heather slowed down with Sarah, her daughter who she was running with, and Mama passed them! After the race we ate doughnuts, some drank coffee, and took pictures. We had a LOT OF FUN!!!!! After the race, we went to our grandparents' house and played with our cousins Will, Seth, and Grace. Gracie, who is five, cooked "petunia soup" or something like that, with Leah and I. We "cooked" it out of acorns, sticks, leaves, and whatever else we could find. ( There ware actually no petunias in it) Gracie named it. She and Leah had a lot of fun. Julie, Daddy, and I went to a cross-country meet after that, but not to run!! Daddy helped with keeping people in line to get their numbers after they crossed the finish line. Julie and I cheered for people we knew. We all had a great day!!!!!!!!!!Friends!The top three female finishers!Julie, Clay and I with our trohpiesEveryone won a trophy!!Will


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Autumn said...

It sounds like fun!
Do you like running hills? My brother Mac, who runs Cross Country, likes hills, because he has a lot of endurance and does really well on them, where hills just sort of "kill" some people.