Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cross-Country Meet #2

This morning was the New Albany meet! I was really nervous when I woke up and when I was in the car. I was okay after we got there and I began talking to my friends. I probably would have been a lot more nervous if I wasn't running with the team. It was perfect weather for a race, nice and cool! Julie and I were running the junior varsity race, instead of varsity, which I ran in the last cross-country meet. Our race was first!! Julie and I were very happy. The course was great, very flat. We had run the course a few days before, which was really nice. We practice on and around the course in cross-country every Tuesday, but it was helpful to know the exact course for the race. I did my fastest time for two point five miles! 17;12!!!!! I am very happy with it!! Julie was first, I was second, and Catherine (a Spartan) was third!!! Julie almost broke the record for that race! (only the course was a little different) After that was the girls varsity, which none of our team ran, then the boy's junior varsity (Clay, Logan, Josh, Nathan, Marshall), and the boy's varsity (Forrest, Zach, Cale, Malalchi). Julie, Sarah, Hannah, Katherine and I were running around screaming for the team with Mrs. Heather close by, yelling to the Spartans. Everone did GREAT!!!!! Everyone is improving so much!! Thanks to hard training, and Mrs. Heather!!!

This is Hannah, Catherine, Sarah, Julie, and Me warming up


Kate said...

Hi Olivia!!!!
Good job! I am glad that you had fun!!!

See ya'll tomorrow!!!

Russ and Megan said...

You did a great job, Olivia! I'm so glad we were able to be there!