Monday, September 29, 2008

GREAT JOB SPARTANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Spartan team ran the Tallahatchie River run while we ran the Wing Dang Dash in Forest. We looked at the race results. THE TEAM DID GREAT!!!!!! The times were AMAZING, and the course was not easy. It had some big hills. I'm sad that I wasn't there to cheer and scream when they got their awards! I can't wait to tell them how GREAT they did tomorrow!!!! GO SPARTANS!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Wing Dang Dash, and Some Things I Made

We have had a busy Friday and Saturday!! Mama left to go to a Christan Ladies' Retreat on Friday, and came back Saturday, just a few minutes ago. Me, Julie, Clay, Leah, Daddy and Sam went to our grandparents house. Mims and Pops live three hours away. We were going to stay home and run a race with the Spartan team Saturday morning. But Friday, we decided to run the Wing Dang Dash, in Forest where our grandparents live. Sam did very well sleeping his first night away from Mama! He slept with Daddy. After about one hundred, "I want Mama" 's he went to sleep. The Wind Dang Dash course was wonderfull!!! The weather was pretty chilly when we got there, but it was great to run in. The course was flat or downhill almost the whole way! At the end there was a hill, but it wasn't bad at all. My time was 21:50!!!!!! I was SO happy!!

all of us at the race

Aren't I cute?

Me, Julie and Clay

Here are some things that I crocheted or knitted on a knitting loom. Guess what they are made of?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My First Cross-Country Meet!!

Today was my first cross-country meet!!! Almost all the Spartans ran! The course was kind of was muddy and there was a VERY steep hill! After the girls' race, we cheered for the boys on our team. It was so much fun cheering and screaming for the rest of the Spartans!! Everyone did so well! After all the races, we went to hear the awards. I was tenth!!!! I got a t-shirt!! It has been a great day!!! I'm almost at the finish line!!our WONDERFUL coach, Mrs. Heather, talking to us right before the racethe girl Spartans lined upthe junior varsity Spartan boys lined upthe varsity Spartan boys lined upLogan almost at the finished line!!A few Spartan boys, Josh...
Marshall...Forrest...Nathan sprinting to the finish line!!

Hannah, Kathrine, Julie, Sarah and Me!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Here are two purses that I crocheted. The blue one is really lumpy. I didn't really like that blue yarn!
Here is another purse. I like the handle on this one.
I crocheted these too. One is a bunny, and one is a mouse. The mouse has a tail, but you can't see it.
I sewed this scarcrow mostly by hand. I can't remember if I used the sewing machine or not. And yes, that is real hay, which the cat loves to chew.
I sewed this at my grandparent's house. It was SO hard to turn the body inside out and stuff it!! I sewed this most recently, just last week. This mermaid's tail was much easier than legs!
Which is your favorite?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The RACE!!!!

Today we ran the Sherman day 5k! It was a really small race, because this is the first year. Almost all the Spartans(the homeschool cross-country team) ran the race too! Two Saturdays ago, we ran the Chick-fil-a race in Memphis. It was pretty hot. I enjoyed this race much more. And it was fun because the Spartan team was there. Before we warmed up, we were telling funny stories, and laughing our heads off! The race couse was hilly, but that was okay. I think that I like courses with a few hills better than flat courses. Because of downhills! My time was 22:24!!! I am very happy!! I was second female over all!! Julie was first female, Clay was first in his age divison, and other Spartans won many awards. It was a great race!!!!!!
the Spartans before the race
Spartan girls

Julie, Katherine and me

Go Spartans!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cross-Country Practice

We just got back from cross-country practice. We ran 400's. It was a good workout. While we were running, Mama made our wonderful coach, Mrs. Heather, a blog!! We are running a 5k this Saturday. I hope it's not hot and humid!! I will post about the race later.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Busy Day,and Cat Trouble

This morning I got up, and we went running. I ran five miles. Then we went home, and worked on our school. When I was through, I had some of free time, and then I had to get ready for piano. We then went to piano, which was fun. When Mama picked Clay, Julie and I up, (she was late) she said that there had been some "cat trauma". Our cat, Marmalade had gotten into trouble. We have a little attic room, which leads to the real attic. Well, we think that Sam opened the door to the little attic room. The cat wandered inside. Someone closed the door. Marmalade was stuck inside! He was stuck inside that room from sometime in the morning to late in the afternoon. While he was in there, he pulled down some insulation from the walls, and somehow managed to crawl behind an air filter/vent!!! Mama heard Marmalade meowing, so she tried to find him. She finally did! She said that his paws were sticking out of the vent. Poor kitty!! We don't know how he got in there. Mama said that he must have found some little hole, which will have to be fixed. Anyway, that is why she was late!! We ate supper, and then went to our Keepers at Home meeting. It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!! We learned about herbs, and we got to try a lot of foods with herbs in them. I ate lemon ice cream with green herbs in it!! It was SO GOOD! Now I am very tired. It has been a fun day!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Friends, Shopping,and Running

This morning my friends Ashley and Kara Beth came over. We had fun playing and watching a Monk episode. We then went to the mall to shop for jeans and fall clothes, because every Saturday (except this one) until sometime in October, we have a race or cross-country meet! Anyway, we found some jeans for me that I really like, finally! We were there for a long time. Only Mama, Julie and I went. We kept on saying that if Clay, Leah and Sam came we would not have made it!! After that we went by Hobby Lobby. I bought some knitting needles, a knitting book, and two skeins of yarn. Knitting is hard! Maybe I am doing something wrong. I haven't even figured out how to knit a row yet!! Oh well, I did just start today. Then we went to a neighborhood to do a long run. Me and Julie ran nine miles!! That is the farthest I have ever run! We are training for a half marathon in December. It has been a great day!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

My Hair!!

Last night I twisted my wet hair into corkscrew braids, and slept in them. When I unrolled my hair, this is what it looks like!! I will not be doing this hairstyle again.