Saturday, September 6, 2008

Friends, Shopping,and Running

This morning my friends Ashley and Kara Beth came over. We had fun playing and watching a Monk episode. We then went to the mall to shop for jeans and fall clothes, because every Saturday (except this one) until sometime in October, we have a race or cross-country meet! Anyway, we found some jeans for me that I really like, finally! We were there for a long time. Only Mama, Julie and I went. We kept on saying that if Clay, Leah and Sam came we would not have made it!! After that we went by Hobby Lobby. I bought some knitting needles, a knitting book, and two skeins of yarn. Knitting is hard! Maybe I am doing something wrong. I haven't even figured out how to knit a row yet!! Oh well, I did just start today. Then we went to a neighborhood to do a long run. Me and Julie ran nine miles!! That is the farthest I have ever run! We are training for a half marathon in December. It has been a great day!!!


Julie's Journal said...

nine miles! hurah! I hope we'll be ready for the half marathon! I really REALLY hope Danielle can run it too!!!!!!!!!

Autumn said...

Wow! 9 miles is a lot!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Monk! It is my absolute favorite.
I hope that your knitting goes well. Starting to learn is really hard. Especially if you already know how to crochet. Maybe I can do some knitting tutorials on Creative Combustion.
I wish we had a Hobby Lobby where I live! We have to drive about 1 hour to get to one...=(

Autumn said...

knitting or crocheting? hmm...I guess it depends on my mood, and what I feel like making. Crocheting is faster, but knitting has some cool textures. I would say that I probably like crochet better, but they both come in handy.
I also like cross stitching, sewing, embroidery...pretty much everything except for quilting!

Kate said...

I tried to learnto knit once... I never could understand what I was doing! LOL!
See ya tomorrow!!

Stacie said...

Hey! I knit and crochet too. But, I like crocheting better! I feel like I can be more creative with it. lol
You have a cool blog! I'll link you to mine!