Monday, December 28, 2009


Before I get to the tag, I better say something about Christmas. We had a GREAT Christmas. I'm want to name a few neat things I got. One was a necklace that has a diamond charm, a charm that says, "courage" and a charm that says "13.1", which is the half-marathon distance. Speaking of half-marathon, I am training for my third! Back to Christmas. I got lots of yarn, which I LOVE. And a very VERY real looking stuffed raccoon who needs a name. Any ideas??? The last thing I want to name was a BIG SURPRISE. I had kind of asked for a CD player because mine broke. I only listened to a CD about once a month, but it was still nice. I didn't really expect to get me a CD player isn't really, well, exciting. Daddy got me something he thought would be more useful that a CD player. A NANO IPOD AND SPEAKER TO PUT IT IN!!!! I WAS SHOCKED!!!!!! And I can use it!!!! I've figured it out!!! Haha. Thank you so much Mama and Daddy.
Now about the tag;

1 who are you talking to? No one
2.what are you listening to right now? Julie turning pages in a book
3.what should you be doing? well, probably getting in bed since it is ten-thirty
5.what are you doing? typing
6.what do you not understand? How Clay can push all those buttons on his gameboy and win so easily. I die in about five seconds. lol
7.what/who have you lost respect for? ummm
8.what was the last thing you ate? a sugar cookie. Yum.
9.what is the meaning of your display name? what does that mean? will always be... a runner. I plan to, anyway. seems... How do I answer this?
12.what do you never want to lose? My family, friends. Most importantly, God
13.myspace is? I do NOT hacve myspace get annoyed when... Leah and Sam fight
16.yesterday I was... Sunday I am... (I was) crocheting, eating, running
18.I wish... that it wasn't so late!
19.something I never want to happen.... to go to public school is one of the things. (sorry all public schoolers! That would just...terrify me)
1.ever gotten your phone taken away? no. I have no phone to be taken away from me, ha!
2.ever kick someone? yes.... I'm sure I've kicked one of my siblings before. NOT recently.
3.ever tripped on your own feet? probably
1.have you cursed? NO!!!!
2.have you gotten mad at someone? Hmmm...
1. is there a person on your mind right now? not really you want children? absolutely you smile often? yes you untie your shoes before you take them off? all except for one pair
5.are you a friendly person? I try to be
6.who's bed other than yours do you sleep in? my sister's
7.what color shirt are you wearing? red
8.what were you doing at 9pm yesterday? sitting in church
9.what can't you wait till? to see my friend that I miss very much
1.A-AVAILABLE- yes, I am avalible to be your friend
2.B-BIRTHDAY-April 19
3.C-CRUSHING- I do not crush stuff.
4.D-DRINK YOU LAST HAD- water or tea
7.G-GUMMY BEARS OR WORMS- sour worms
8.H-hometown-Jackson MS
10.K-killed someone- NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11.L-longest car ride- Disney World
12 M-milkshake flavor- cookies and cream
13.N- favorite number- how can you have a favorite number?
14.O-one wish- that is too hard to answer
15.P-person you called last- Catherine Snyder
17.R-reason to smile- Jesus! Friends! Yarn!
18.S-song you last heard- I don't know the name
19.T-time you woke up this morning-9:00
20.U-umbrella- Uh, yeah! Umbrellas are great. lol
21.V-vegetables- I should eat more...
22.Worst habbit- hmmmm
23.x-x-rays you've had- mouth, and I recall getting some other x-ray, but I don't remember what it was for
24.y-your number of friends on facebook-don't have a facebook
25.z-zodack sign- Is that the Chinese thing? I don't know what animal I am, although it seems like I am a hog or pig or boar.

I am sorry, but I am omitting the last part of this tag because it is five minutes from eleven. I am tagging EVERYONE! Please go to Kara Beth's blog to get the full tag. Thanks, KB.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sewing With Leah

Today Julie and I babysitted Leah and Sam. After painting "porky balls" (those little spiky things you find on the ground) and making very cute ornaments with them, I asked Leah if she wanted to sew something. Asking a five year old to sew with you is...brave. But she did very good. We sewed snakes. Very, very cute snakes. Leah sewed a realistic one, and I sewed one with flowers. They had button eyes. Leah is AMAZING. I found out that she can sew on the machine BY HERSELF!! I had to sew around the head, but she did sewed the straight seams all by herself. After ironing them and stuffing them, (Leah needed some help stuffing the tail) I gave Leah a threaded needle. I sewed half of the hole up, and she sewed the other half, all by herself. She did amazing, using very small, close-together stitches. I would post pictures but...I really don't like posting pictures. It takes too long. As I'm sure I've said before, I rather be crocheting! Lol! Maybe Mama or Julie will post some pictures...