Sunday, April 26, 2009


I survived the Nashville half! It was HOT and HILLY. We drove to Nashville on Friday, and spent the night. The last time I ran a half, I was wearing layers and layers. Complete opposite this time!! I wore some shorts and a sleevless top. I also had a "running pouch" to hold my GU.

Daddy was running the full, but we started out in the same wave. He was with me for about thirty seconds and then he left me! But that was fine. Mile one to three were okay, but it was getting HOT. Around mile six, I was thinking, "I am not going to finish in under two hours!! Can keep running the rest? Am I going to be walking a mile or two? (By the way, I had been walking about every mile and a half or so, when there was a water stop.) Anyway, I guess the GU started to kick in a little or something, because I kept on. Still, after a water stop I'd run about a fourth of a mile, and then I wanted to walk again!!

Somehow I got to mile twelve. One mile left!! Then I dropped my sunglasses (which I wasn't wearing). I was NOT about to stop and pick them up. A minute later, a man gave them back to me!! He had stopped and picked them up!

Finally, finally, I was almost at the finish line. I was SO hot. When I crossed the finish line just seven seconds under two hours!! HURRAY! I was happy with that! Yet right after I finished I wasn't really thinking about my time too much. I could not keep my eyes straight, let alone walk straight!! And I couldn't stop bumping in to people! I wobbled over and got a water bottle. I did NOT want any race food. I remember I was soooo hot.... so I wobbled over to some grass and layed down on my race "blanket". I was trying to catch my breath and not throw up!

About fifteen minutes later, I found Mama and everyone else. (Except Daddy, of course.) As I was talking to her, I would get so out of breath!! I layed down again, though feeling much better. After a looooong long while, with some playing in the grass, taking Leah to the nasty portajohn, and a lot of cheering in the hot sun, we watched Daddy finish!! After we all got together, and Daddy felt like he could walk to the car, we left.

That race was SO HOT, VERY HILLY and VERY HARD, but I'm glad I did it! I may even do it again!
Today, though I am SO SORE!! I have been hobbling around... I can hardly remember the last time I was sore! Oh well...
We all had a great time in Nashville!! I may post some pictures, we'll see. GO RUNNERS!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


There is much to update about!! First of all, I made a hat out of Wal Mart sacks.
Here I am wearing the hat. Very stylish, I know.
Second, I ran the farthest I ever have!! FIFTEEN AND A HALF MILES!! It was great. I am SO glad that I had GU, which is energy gel. It tastes very good, actually. I may run fifteen miles again this Saturday.... or thirteen. Oh, and I had to get up at five thirty in the morning!!! (daddy and I were running with a group in Corinth) I usually get up at least two hours later!! But I was okay.
Third, we just got back from our grandparents' house. Mims has TONS of fabric, and she suggested that we crochet with it. Here's what I made...
A blue purse... with ribbon...

and buttons. A smaller pink and green purse...

and an even smaller pouch.With stars on the back.

Aren't they pretty?

My fingers got VERY sore from ripping and crocheting fabric. But it was worth it!! We had a lot of fun at our granparents' house.
That's all for now!!